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Col. Juan N. Seguin's



 Indian Campaign  1839  


Col. Juan N. Seguin's company was raised for the purpose of fighting the hostile Comanche Indians.

The Comanches were attacking settlers and raiding the outskirts of San Antonio and other surrounding smaller town's.

Col. Juan N. Seguin's Company supplied their own horses, provisions, and arms with help from the  citizens who did not join the campaign,

 which lasted for approximately three weeks

List of men in this campaign



Captain Juan N. Seguin
1st Lieutenant Salvador Flores,
2nd Lieutenant Leanado Arreola

Francisco A. Ruiz

Gregorio Soto

Jose Luis Carbajal

Marcos A. Veramendi

Agustin Chaves

Manuel Lopez

Ignacio Espinosa

Antonio G. Navarro

Polonio Diaz

Pedro Flores Morales  
Killed during campaign

Luciano Navarro

Doinacio Galvan

Eusebio Almaguez

Vicente Garza

Francisco Morales

Manuel Leal

Gabriel Martinez

Nepomuceno Flores

Antonio Hernandez Zavala

Jose Maria Valdez

Felipe Jiminez

Nemecio de la Cerda

Juan Somrana

Nicolas de los Santos

Antonio Beites

Nicolas Delgado

Cristobal Rubio

Jesus Zavala

Trinidad Coy

Ramon Trevino

Francisco Rodriguez

Leanado Garza

Cayetano Lerma

Cayetano Rivas

Xavier Lazo

Jose Maria Rios

Ambrosio Rodriguez

Mariano Romano

Agapito Servantes

Miguel Arsiniega Jr.

Ignacio Castillo

Manuel Martinez

Antonio Sombrario

Antonio Estrada

Manuel Montalvo

Pedro Camarillo

Juan Rodriguez

Manuel Estrada

Antonio Ruiz

Manuel Hernandez

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