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This is a speech that Mrs. Loretta Williams read at the dedication of the

Raul C. Martinez East End Court house Annex

Sept 17, 2003

Raul C. Martinez was a ninth generation Texan born on Nov. 30, 1923 in Goliad, Texas.  He was the second of 11 children born to Paula and Placido Martinez, who worked as a sharecropper.

Raul C. Martinez served in the Civilian Conservation Corp and joined the Army in WWII.  He was the first Hispanic Police officer hired by the Houston Police Dept. in 1950 and would also be the first Hispanic to rise in the ranks of the dept.  In 1973, County Judge Bill Elliott appointed him as Harris County Constable Precinct 6 a position that he would be elected to and served for five terms.

After years of public service, Raul C. Martinez passed away on Aug. 23, 1990.

Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, Precinct 2 spearheaded the naming of the East End Annex and it was approved unanimously by Commissioners court.

On Sept. 17, 2003 a Dedication Ceremony was held, and the following is the speech that I presented.

Speech given by Loretta M. Williams on Sept. 17, 2003 at Dedication CeremonyAuthor Abel Rubio, family historians Estella Zermeno and Benny Martinez, contributed


with the following information:

 Were here today to honor a man who opened new avenues for minorities, was the first in many areas and would also help others be first.  He was an inspiration to us all.  Raul. C. Martinez, was a Tejano, a Mexican Texan and a proud American. Raul's family on his maternal side came from the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, a Spanish province.  This Cabrera Family was one of the 16 chosen families who were sent by King Philpe V of Spain to found the Villa de San Fernando and established the first civil municipal government in Texas, now the city of San Antonio.  They arrived March 9, 1731, were honored with Spanish Titles and granted land.  But like so many other immigrants trying to arrive to this great land, Raul's 6 La Bahia, Goliad.  Miguel was listed in the 1780 Census at La Bahia as a Spanish Soldier and took part in a trail ride to carry cattle and sheep to Bernardo Galvez' troops during the American Revolution.  Miguel Becerra was also the grandfather to Col. Juan N. Seguin, the only native Texan to fight both at the Alamo and at San Jacinto. Manuel Becerra, Raul's 3th great grandmother and 6th great grand father Juan and Maria Cabrera died enroute on the Via Appa Road from Veracruz.His fifth great grand Uncle Joseph Cabrera was a Spanish Soldier in Tejas by 1735.  In 1749 he was stationed at the Presidio La Bahia, Goliad.  His brother Marcos Raul's 5th great grandfather served as a cavalryman in the Spanish army and died in battle with the Indians on March 8, 1769.On Raul's paternal side his 4th great grandfather Pedro Becerra was born in  Louisiana in 1730 and his son Miguel, Raul's 3rd Great Grand Uncle was born in 1757 atrd Great Grandfather served as the firstAyuntamiento (City Secretary) of Goliad in 1820 and held various public offices until 1835. Manuel Becerra would be a land grantee, guide of Stephen F. Austin, and as sindico, civil judge signed peace treaties with the Karanakawa and Coco Indians.Raul's 4th Great Grandfather, Vicente Cabrera was a Spanish Cavalry Soldier for 49 years 10 of which was with the Alamo Company.  His 3rd great grand father Juan Manuel Cabrera was also a Spanish soldier and after the Independence of Mexico from Spain, served as a Mexican Soldier.  Raul's 3rd Great Grand Uncle also named Juan Manuel Cabrera served under Seguin in the fight for Texas Independence and his name is listed in the barracks of the Alamo under Seguin's 9th Company of Texas Volunteers.  Mariano Cabrera, Raul's 2nd great grandfather along with other families was ordered by the Mexican Gen. Filisola to leave Goliad during the Texas Revolution in 1836 bearing witness to Goliad's darkest period of history.Raul's great grandfather Macario Cabrera served in the Confederate States of America.  Once again in times of war the family would be split as others would follow to muster in the Confederate Army.  Raul's great grand Uncle Anacleto Cortinas would be the only member from the family to serve with the Union Army as aSgt. in the First Texas Cavalry. Raul's great grand mother Paula Martinez, unhappy about the segregation of schools in Goliad served in 1933 as President of the Ladies Auxiliary LULAC Council #2. His Father Placido served in 1937 as President of LULAC Council #21 in Goliad and became involved in the court case of Delgado vs. Bastrop that ruled segregation was illegal of Mexican American children in Bastrop ISD and three other districts.  This case began a 10-year struggle led by LULAC and the GI Forum in the courts against the segregation of Mexican American children in the Texas Public School Systems.The legacy of this family for over 270 years, includes pioneers, founders and defenders of Texas.  They were tough Tejanos proud to be Americans.  To quote the eloquence of my Uncle Roy himself, Our dues have been higher than most, we will continue to pay them.  We will continue to preserve our colorful heritage.Our glorious past is as beautiful as America and we love America.

Copyrighted © Mrs. L. Williams 2003, 2016

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