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Col. Juan Seguín (1806-1890), Tejano political and military leader of the
Texas Revolution and Republic of Texas, was born in San Antonio on October
27, 1806. As a boy, he helped run his father’s post office while the
latter served in Congress in 1823 -1824. His election as alderman in
December 1828 demonstrated his great potential. He subsequently served on
various electoral boards before being elected Alcalde in 1833. Also, he
acted as political chief of the Department of Bexar during most of 1834.
His military career began in 1835. After the Battle of Gonzales, Stephen
F. Austin granted a captain’s commission to Seguín. He raised a Tejano
cavalry company and participated in the Siege of Bexar. From the Alamo, he
was sent to recruit more defenders. Later, he and his Tejano cavalry
fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. Seguín accepted the Mexican surrender
of San Antonio on June 4, 1836. Later, he was promoted to Colonel and
placed in charge of San Antonio’s Army command through 1837.  Seguín was
the only Tejano to serve in the Senate of the Republic during the second,
third and fourth Congress.






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