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Special Thanks to Mrs Betty Vaugh for allowing us to use her image of the which we used to link to our Alamo information She is a very proud Texan

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Houston, Galveston

Col. Juan N. Seguin


On Oct 29-30 06 SDHP celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Col. Juan N. Seguin's Birth by presenting Portraits of Col. Juan N. Seguin to two School's In Corpus Christi TX. & Three in Seabrook TX. On Oct 29-30 06 SDHP celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Col. Juan N. Seguin's Birth by presenting Portraits of Col. Juan N. Seguin to two School's In Corpus Christi TX. & Three in Seabrook TX


Disney's Alamo Movie 2004

As submitted by Anthony T. Seguin

It was an honor for me to be invited to be part of

The World Premier of Disney's, "The Alamo".



The Premier took place on March 27, 2004 in San Antonio Texas at the historic Majestic Theatre 

It is by far the most historically correct account of those days filled with turmoil, determined and dedicated men on both sides, many with their own ideas of what the future would bring.

SDHP is Honored to have been given these pictures to post of the movie premier in 2004

We are always looking for new information to add about event's which anyone is involved in, which help promote our ancestor's, History Rather SDHP is directly or indirectly involved. Anyone with the heart to make Col. Juan N. Seguin's name known to all is always welcome to do his best or her best.

SDHP is looking for other's who may have pictures,

that are willing to share them. The owners retains all copy rights.

Alamo Movie Cast

Dennis Quaid = Gen. Sam Houston, Emilio Echevarria = Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Billy Bob Thornton = Davy Crockett, Jordi Molla = Capt. Juan N. Seguin, Jason Patric = James Bowie, and Patrick Wilson = Col. William B. Travis. 

Anthony Seguin with actor Jordi Molla aka Col. Juan N. Seguin

Talking with Alamo movie director John Lee Hancock

Edwin Hodge aka Joe who plays the slave to Travis

Yucking it up with Billy Bob Thorton

Billy Bob telling me about his next movie

Anthony T. Seguin with San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza in front of Alamo

Anthony T. Seguin with Mexican actor Emilio Echeverria aka Santa Anna

Rush pic of Dennis, Billy Bob, Jason Patric, Emilio E.

My  doctor, Dr. Pedro Deleon with singer wife Vicki Carr

Emilio Echeverria with one of my patrons from my work

Mr. Echeverria with more of my patrons from my work


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Lord, Please protect all the men and women who are fighting for our freedom and our country. May the souls of the world trade Center rest in peace.For they paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Amen

September 11, 2001

We salute all the heroes of the World Trade Center may their memory not be forgotten. United we Stand

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