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Texas Annexation Joint Resolution of Congress

 October 19, 2002

September 20, 2002 10:00 am  Houston I.S.D Dedication of the Juan N. Seguin Elementary School. This school was Named in honor of Col. Juan N. Seguin. 5905 Waltrip Houston, TX 77087 Ms. Rhelda Ball, Principal 713-845-5600. S.D.H.P would like to thank the Tejano Association For Historical Preservation for submitting the Name of Col. Juan N. Seguin To the HISD naming committe. Our utmost Graditude go to Mr. Rolando Romo For his Tireless effort to get the Name Included on this School In the Southeast District. We are members of the Ad hoc Committee for the Southeast area which meets with Dr. Kaye Stripling to discuss the different issues of the schools in the Southeast district. Welcome Juan N. Seguin Elementary School to our District. Many thanks to the HISD school board members from the Southeast District for their support on adding this new school to the Southeast Area.The children of the district are truely going to have a better future.The weatherford I.S.D school district will have their dedication on Sunday September 15, 2002. At 2:00--4:00 pm at 499 East 8th Street Weatherford, TX 76086 (817) 598-2814

List of Schools Named in Honor
of Col. Juan N. Seguin

In Texas and opening in August 2002

1. Pictures of Dedication added 10/11/02 Juan N. Seguin Elementary Houston I.S.D Added 05/20/02

2. 08/23/02Juan N. Seguin Elementary Weatherford I.S.Dadded 05/20/02.

3.  Juan N. Seguin High Arlington I.S.D added 05/20/02

4. 07/28/02Juan N. Seguin Elementary Mc Allen I.S.D Added 04/05/02 older school.




Past Projects of SDHP

SDHP Members Were at Gulf Grey Hound Park in Texas City, for the Salute to Hereos And Safety Expo. Our Organization Helped with Child Finger printing and DNA Kits. We where Honored that we where included in this great event. Salute to all our great Heroes of Texas past and present

SDHP Members went to Mc Allen TX, to help search for Laura Ayala. Our President was interviewed by channel 5 for there 10pm. broadcast our leader was looking for support from the communities around the Mc Allen area to help with Puting up Flyers and supplies that were needed by other TX Equu Search members in Reynosa MX, Matamoro Mx, Special Thanks go out to The Staff At Southwest Airlines That help Fly us over so we could be of assistance in the Search Efforts. We would also like to Thank Hilton Hotel in Mc allen For profiding the Room for Mr. Miller. Also SDHP would like to Thank Mr.Benny Martinez for Helping with Our accomidations the First night in Mc Allen at the Hilton. Also SDHP would Like to thank the Employee at Motel 6 in Mc Allen for Providing a room for our Stay over the Weekend. Also we would like to Thank The D.A.V For helping with the Expenses for our stay.


SDHP was interviewed on Tuesday Oct 1, 2002 by Nuestra Palabra's radio Show hosted by our friend, Mr. Tony Diaz, who envisions great things for our organization. He praised our group of Volunteers who helped with the Edward James Olmos Book Fair & Family Festival featured on KPFT  90.1 FM Pacifica Radio on a nationwide broadcast. They were also invited to future events in which Nuestra Palabra is involved. SDHP Had one of the largest groups of volunteers at the Book Fair. We are very proud of our Members.

Tony Diaz
Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say
713 867 8943
P.O. Box 540181
Houston, Texas 77254-0181


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added 10/06/02 Seguin Mansion Now only Rubble by Fane Burt


1806 - 1889

  In a life that spanned both sides of the Rio Grande, Col. Juan N. Seguin knew both the adulation of a Texas hero and the anguish of a tejano forced to live among his former enemies.

  Seguin was born in 1806 into a long-established tejano family in San Antonio. Few details of his early life are known, Except that he was defending the frontera of Indian Raids long before there were rumors of war with Santa Anna and his vast Army. But he became a harsh liberal critic of Santa Anna's centralization of authority in Mexico in the 1830's. Seguin's father had been a strong political ally of Stephen F. Austin, and Seguin himself played an active role in the Texas revolution. He also forms the First Ranging Company in Defense of Tejas/Texas. Then He served as provisional mayor of San Antonio and led a band of like-minded tejanos against Santa Anna's army in 1835. The next year he was at the Alamo for the first part of the siege, and survived only because he was sent to gather reinforcements from Col. Fannin. He and his tejano company fought at the battle of San Jacinto, helping to defeat Santa Anna's army. The yells remember the Alamo and remember Goliad. Where In Spanish "Recuerden El Alamo Y Recuerden Goliad".

   Seguin was rudely shocked, however, by the aftermath of the Texas Revolution. Numerous towns in Texas moved to expel all of their tejano residents, and even in San Antonio many Anglos seriously considered such a move. But the most stunning blow came when Seguin helped defeat a Mexican expedition against San Antonio in 1842. In a ploy to turn Anglo Texans against him, the Mexican commander stated publicly that Seguin was still a loyal Mexican subject, and although Seguin was the mayor of San Antonio at the time, Anglos who had been his former comrades suddenly accused him of treason. Vigilantes drove him from the city where he had been born and forced him to flee to Mexico. Seguin's hopes that the Texas revolution would mean freedom for all Texans were shattered.

   Seguin's betrayal left him embittered: "A victim to the wickedness of a few men... a foreigner in my native land; could I be expected to stoically endure their outrages and insults?" he wrote in 1858. "I sought for shelter amongst those against whom I fought; I separated from my country, parents, family, relatives and friends, and what was more, from the institutions, on behalf which I had drawn my sword, with an earnest wish to see Texas free and happy."

   The Mexican government hardly welcomed Seguin with open arms. Upon his arrival in Nuevo Laredo in 1842, the authorities arrested him and offered him a choice between serving in the army or extended imprisonment. He chose to join the army, and fought in the Mexican-American war against the United States. After the war Seguin received permission to return to Texas, and did so, but in 1867 continued harassment again prompted his return to Mexico. He died in Nuevo Laredo, just across the Rio Grande from the land for whose independence he had fought, in 1889. Bibliography:              

A Revolution Remembered: The memoirs and selected correspondence of Juan N. Seguin by Jesus F. de la Teja, State House Press, Austin, 1991

© The Bexar Archives (1717-1836) by Adan Benavides,
University of Texas Press, Austin TX, 1989.

added 10/11/02 Texas Time line


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