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Col. Juan N. Seguin


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In Remembrance of a patriotic

Hero Col. Juan N. Seguin

A patriotic Bust of Col. Juan N. Seguin

An original sculptured Bust.

"Another Original project of the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation in association with Ed Hankey, are proud to present in Hydra' Stone an authentic Bust replica of  "Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin a patriotic hero of Texas Independence." This sculptured Bust is exclusively available from (SDHP) Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation only. This is a very special project for the Organization. From it conception the sculptor has meticulously handwork this very unique piece of art. Your purchase of this work of art will assist the "Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation" in the promotion of Col. Juan N. Seguin patriotic Legacy, and his predominate role in acquiring Freedom and Independence for Tejas/Texas in 1836 for all Tejanos / Texans past and present. And preserving Texas History, and funding many of the Organizations Project's which help to keep all Information that is requested FREE. Funds are raised for charitable and educational purposes. Including the Senator Juan N. Seguin Scholarship Fund to students studying Tejano/Texas history and historical preservation. Support this Cause to help Students of Tejano/Texas History further their Education. Another Original project of SDHP. The Organization is planning on making Larger versions of the bust to present to The Alamo and to San Jacinto Monument. In our Ancestors Memory. So please help the Organization By Purchasing the Miniture Bust which is 9 1/2 inches high and weighs 4 pounds



About the Artist

The Hydra' Stone Bust Sculptor Ed Hankey has created an authentically detailed bust to replicate the Likeness of  "Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin." The Bust is 9 1/2 inches high, weighing 4 pounds. The artist has made the Bust with a very unique flare about it, which will brighten, up any area.

Ed Hankey has created a Magnificent sculptured Bust that will grace your home or office and/or as a gift to those special to you. Mr. Hankey is a sculptor whose heart and soul guide his work in Porcelain, bronze and terra cotta. With an eye for detail and proportion, he infuses the essence of life into his sclptures. Whether he is sculpting the delicate pointe shoes of a contemplative ballerina or the soft muzzle of a labrador puppy, he works with an intensity that belies his twinkling blue eyes and easy smile. Ed has been commissioned by a group of Korean War Veterans who recognized his insight . Ed will create a fitting memorial for those killed or Missing in Action in the Korean War. With painstaking precision, he created a bronze eagle that is about to take flight grasping a fallen soldier's helmet and dogtags in its talons. This sculpture symbolizes the price Americans have paid for freedom around the world, the price being American lives, represented by helmets and dogtags, lost in the name of freedom.the Eagle perches, atop a granite obelisk that rises in the center of a five-point star granite monument on the ground of the State Capitol in Austin , Texas. People Familiar with his work appreciate the humanity that emanates from his art. After the crash of TWA 800 three years ago, Houstonian Joe Lynchner commissioned Ed to create a scuplture in tribute to his family he lost. The porcelain sculptureof victims right advocate Pam Lynchner and her two daughters captures a loving and tranquil moment between mother and daughter months before they perished in that ill fated flight. It is difficult to look at the porcelain without thinking of how frail and freeting life can be.


This project has been in the works for about 6 month. It instantly took on a life of it's own from the first visit with the Artist who showed his eye for detail right from the start. We have all Been excited about adding the Bust to our Fund-raising efforts. This will be a true tribute to our Ancestor and his History.

This Is what the Bronze Patina Looks Like.

Send check or money order for

The bronze Patina Bust $ 70.00 plus $ 10.00 shipping and handling

The Hydra Stone Bust $ 60.00 plus $ 10.00 shipping and handling to:

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation Inc,

SDHP 10076 County. Rd. 311

 Plantersville, TX 77363


P.O. Box 8948

Bacliff TX, 77518

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

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