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Cinco De Mayo Parade 2002

This portrait was Painted in Honor of the lives Lossed on Sept 11, 2001. Mr. Richard Perez And the DAV were Displaying it at the Parade.

Cinco De Mayo Parade A big Success.

05/04/02 SDHP Participated in the Cinco De Mayo Parade in Downtown Houston. We had a wonderful time seeing the Thousands of onlookers that where interacting with the Parade entries. The crowd was cheerful and Saying "Viva Mexico". I was amazed at all the people That acknowledge Seguin Saying "Viva Seguin", "Viva La revolución". First and foremost, We would like to Thank Lulac Council 60 for Including SDHP in the Parade. We would like to thank Our Grandson Raiden M Torres, Uncle Greg And Aunt Vera Garcia, Marie Leyva, Brandon Ramirez, Richard Duran, Crystal Salinas, Lisa Salinas, Loretta Williams, Helen Williams, Catarina Williams, for joining us in the Parade. We have received plenty of support from other Members of the Organization for many new project that we are currently working on. SDHP would like to thank A C Collins ford for sponsoring the 2002 Mustang Convertible For the Cinco De Mayo parade. Also We would like to thank Alfredo Ramirez for supplying The truck for the Parade, for the children to ride in. We had an Information Booth at the Cinco de Mayo Festival there where several other Organizations in attendance. Angel Seguin Garcia Was interview by HCC and plans are in the works for future interviews.

2001 Cinco De Mayo Parade In Goliad Tx

2002 Cinco De Mayo Parade

05/04/02 We where sorry we missed The Celebration in Goliad TX, we salute The Zaragoza Society for there Great effort that makes the parade a Success. We where In the Parade in 2001, which was the First time we where able to attend. No special invitation go out to anyone to Join the Parade. One must preregister if you plan on participating in the parade. For any Organization wishing to Join up at any time contact.

Zaragoza Society



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