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Col. Juan N. Seguin


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Get a Col. Juan N. Seguin T-Shirt for your donation of $ 15.00 or more.The T-Shirt will Make a nice gift.

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation. Supporters will be recognize when they donate $ 300.00 or more, on our website and in our newsletter. Support our Organization so that we can continue to Educate and help the children in the Communities of Texas, and to keep all information that is requested from SDHP Free. Also so we may be able to Educate the Children about the contribution of the Tejano to Texas History.

These donations will be used for the sole purpose and benefit of the Organization of SDHP and it's Many Projects.Funds are raised for charitable and educational purposes. Including the scholarship to area students studying Tejano/Hispanic history and historical preservation. Support this Cause to help Students of Texas History further their Education

SDHP is also helping sell Code Amber Alert Tag for 1st Priority Search & Recovery

The Tag will add your childs information on it in case of an abduction or and accident

The Tag sells for $ 19.95 each so call us.


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Col. Juan N. Seguin

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   for your donastion of $ 15.00 you will receive the picture above it is an 11x14

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SDHP is currently working on Getting School Uniforms And School Suppies For needy children in Our Communities. This is a very Important Project to Our President Linda Seguin Garcia who has had success in obtaining funds for Schools in our district in the past Years and to the Present Day. And as the Nation Implement's it's No child left Behind Policy. We as advacates of Childrens Rights for better Education and Fairness to all in public Schools. SDHP Feel's that with your support SDHP can Show the children that with the proper tool's, Dedication, Dignity, Community Service. There is nothing that they can't Accomplish. For they are our Future Leaders, SDHP has implemented a plan to Provide the supplies needed to The School Nurse who can distribute the Uniforms Or supplies to the children 


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Angel Seguin Carvajal Garcia

Founder SDHP & 1st Priority Search & Recovery


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