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Tejanos since 1712  

Col. Juan N. Seguin's

Historic Park


I have know about the park for some time now. It is an honor to have a park named after My ancestor Col. Jaun N. Seguin. The fact that it is close to the monument makes me proud to be a Tejano Descendant. All the more reason we as descendants should strive to get other Tejanos recognized so that future Tejano generations can have the same pride in where they come from.





These Pictures where taken over the weekend as

we where telling my Sister in law Dina from Tennesse about our Tejano History.

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The Pictures above where taken last year in october when we where talking to county commissioners office about Adding Landscaping around the entry sign of Col. Juan N. Seguin.

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SDHP desires to help other non-profits and their causes, to build recognition of our long and distinguished heritage and to inform the general public about our diverse culture of Tejanos, english, scotish, their are so many different culture's to many to list. 



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