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added 11/13/06 Current Seguin Family Pictures

2006 Project


30th Oct. 06 What is being added is From The Presentation At

Ed White Memorial High

SDHP would like to thank The Principle of Ed White Memorial High for letting Mr. Maldonado a Little man in the making he was so in toon to the history of Juan Seguin that he thru his family members Arranged for us to come out and speak to the Three School's Bay Area Charter Elementary School principle Kris Wessale, Bay Area Charter Middle School Principle Amy Keller, Ed White Memorial High School Principle Dr. Rosalind Perez


Portrait Project 1999 - 2002

These Pictures are from the Statue that was Dedicated on Oct 28, 2000 In Seguin TX . The pictures are of several School Librarys where we have Presented Portraits.

Juan Seguin Equestrian Statue Unveiling in Seguin,Texas October 28, 2000.


The Picture Of the Statue were taken by our son. The other picture is of our grandson who is learning our family history even today he goes with us on differents events he is growing with knowledge about our Ancestors History. October 28, 2000.


This Update is of our grandson who was 2 yrs old on the pictures above. We where in seguin the 20th of june 2009 with our two grandson Raiden Torres 9 yrs old,  And Maximus Torres 5 yrs old, we took them to see the statue and the grave to teach max about our Ancestors history, we also went to the Sebastopol House for a tour. Mr. Charles Mead gave a great presentation on the Historic house their in Seguin TX, we all learned something about the type of people the early pioneers where. Hope to make more trips soon to seguin and other historic site will post new information as it is aquired. We also toured the Heritage museum in seguin it was nice their is a nice collection of old Camera's and artifacts.

SDHP Present's School's

With Juan Seguin Portraits

Pictures of the Different schools that we have Portraits in of our ancest.

 We will continue to present Portraits in the future. Keep coming back as we will be adding more pictures later. Also will be changing the above pictures to are Archives Page soon. To make room for future pictures of the portraits that we have donated .

Deady Middle School

Here is a photo of Mrs. Ortiz-Morales, Deady Librarian, with Mr. Barajas and the Seguin portrait that Mrs. Linda Seguin Garcia of the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation presented to deadys library. Deady's Principal, Richard Barajas accepts the portrait of Col. Juan N. Seguin That Linda Seguin Garcia Presented to them in 2000

This picture above is of South Shaver Elementary School In Pasadena TX, we presented this photo to the Principle, Sharon Ainsworth, Assistant Principle, Joan Smith, Librarian, Ann Moore on 2/12/2001

The first picture is of Pearl Rucker Elementary School Houston I.S.D 5/3/2000 (right to left) Mr. Robert Areana, Mrs. Yolanda Ramirez, Mrs. Linda Seguin Garcia.

The Second Picture Is from Edison Middle School Houston I.S.D 5/30/2000

The third picture is of De Zavala Elementary School Houston I.S.D 5/23/ 2000

Mrs. Loretta Williams, Ms. Linda L. Garcia.

Hector P. Garcia Elementary

Temple TX.

SDHP would like to thank the Temple/Belton LuLac Council, for providing the accommodations for SDHP to be the Keynote Speaker at their Beinvenidos Event at Hector P. Garcia School. Which we also Donated and presented the school with a Portrait of our Patriotic Ancestor. This School was so upbeat and positive that the Staff is always working to improve their relations with the Children and Parents that walk their halls. The Central Texas After school Programs are so in tune to today’s needs that we are sure to see future scholars coming out of Hector P. Garcia Elementary in the future. Keep up the positive attitude that the Staff and Children of Hector P. Garcia have and Good Luck. Fourth Great Grandson Of Col. Juan N. Seguin, Angel Seguin Garcia. 09/16/02




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