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First Annual Col. Juan N. Seguin Memorial Picnic

Their where several members of the family in attendance. SDHP would like to thank the Cesar Chavez High School ROTC Color Guard for posting the Colors at the First annual Juan Seguin Memorial Picnic. Mr. Rolando Romo for his informative information about Lorenzo De Zavala and his family. We have started making plans for the Second annual Juan Seguin Memorial Picnic. Next years Event date will be October 25, 2003

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During the first Annual Juan N. Seguin Memorial picninc held in November at the San Jacinto Balltleground site,  Rolando Romo (R) presents  Angel and Linda Seguin with a document used by HISD to name a school after the Tejano hero in Houston recently. 

A Tejano Hero

December 12, 2002

By Elias de La Cerda Jr.

  Etched in stone on the walls of the San Jacinto Monument are the details of the heroic actions of Texans in the fight for Texas independence. Names like Houston, Travis, and Crockett prevail.

  However,  these are all the names of imported Texans. None of these were original Tejanos in any sense of the word and they give the impression that "us against them" meant Anglos against Mexicans.

  The original Tejanos, and those who were most influential in the origin and success of the war for Texas independence, are not found on the walls of monuments.

  Names such as Juan N. Seguín and Lorenzo de Zavala are names that are vaguely mentioned in Texas history books of our public schools.

  Thanks to the work and dedication of  some dedicated Tejanos, our unsung heroes need not remain in obscurity.

  The Seguín Descendants Historical Preservation organization founded by a descendant of Juan N.. Seguín, Angel Seguín Garcia, is dedicated to the promotion of historical information related to Juan N. Seguin and of other Tejano heroes.

    The SDHP held its First Annual Juan N. Seguín Memorial Picnic in November at the San Jacinto Battleground site to honor Tejano heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto.

  Keynote speaker at the picnic was Rolando Romo, manager of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center.

  Romo, former president of the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation, presented to Angel Seguin and Linda Seguín an original document used in the naming of an HISD school named after the Tejano hero earlier this year.

  Romo spoke about the two most influential people in the fight for Texas' independence, Juan N. Seguin, who was the main pillar of the Texian military, and Lorenzo de Zavala, a statesman who was the back bone of political and governmental affairs. Zavala was instrumental in the writing of the Republic of Texas Constitution.

  In 1834, Juan N. Seguín became alcalde of San Antonio, and by a stroke of fate he became political chief of Texas when the top administrative officer, José Arciniega stepped down.

  The book A Revolution Remembered - the Memoirs and Selected Correspondence of Juan N. Seguín, edited by Jesús F. de la Teja; Quotes the Telegraph and Texas Register: "... of the services and patriotism of Lieut. Col. John N. Seguín, who has persevered in his attachment to the cause of liberal principles, an whose gallantry at San Jacinto, was conspicuous."

  The Tejano hero, Seguín, was a three-term senator for the Republic of Texas. He Directed the burial services of the fallen at the Alamo.

  Romo spoke about how he learned that the Zavala Cemetery, located adjacent to the San Jacinto Monument site, which contained the remains of the Zavala family and other Tejano heroes, was essentially abandoned by the Texas Parks and Wild Life Board to allow for the expansion of the Houston Ship channel.

  "That made me mad!" stated Romo when he learned that they had merely moved the headstones, but allowed the Zavala remains to erode into the channel. "I was hopping mad! Had that been Dave Crockett or Steve Austin, the state would've taken care of the  bodies." 

  Romo emphasized that we must take care of your own history, "we have to take care of ourselves," he said : "we are not going to find our names on those monuments unless we give them hell."

  The SDHP is already making plans for follow up events at the San Jacinto Battleground site next year.

  The non-profit organization is promoting membership. A portion of their dues go toward a scholarship fund for students of Tejano history.  

To learn more about the Tejano hero, Juan N. Seguín and the SDHP visit the website: 

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