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Juan Seguin Memorial week 1991

Here is an article that was printed on the Juan N. Seguin Memorial held in Seguin TX, on Oct 29, 1991 in the Seguin Gazette. Permission to use this information was given by Mr. Rincon who is involved in this event.

Juan Seguin Memorial Week 1993

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Casablanca Revue presents Juan Seguin Memorial week 1993

Burial Site Program

Invocation................. .......Rev.Samuel Villarreal Iglesia Monte Olivo

Presentation of colors...........Sons of Ramon Gloria, Laredo, Texas

Welcome/Bienvenidos..Councilman Sam Flores,City of Seguin Jesus Trinidad, Jr, LuLac 682

Introductions....................Alphonso Rincon,JSMw Coordinator

flamenco Dance...................Sharon Hancock Teatro de artes de Juan Seguin

Dedication to Ramon Gloria.......Alphonso Rincon, Joe l. Garcia, & introduction of Gloria Family DAV Chapter 76, Laredo, Texas

Musket Salute ...................Charles Lara Y Companeros San Antonio Living History Association

Keynote Address..................Olga Lara, Comal County,Member, GBRA Board of Directors

Canciones................Abelardo Trinidad, Concha Gonzales, Bernabe Gonzales, Adam Molina

Presentation of Wreaths..........Youth

Announcement of First............G.P. Keil, First Commercial Bank Annual Seguin Scholorship Board of Directors

Guest Speaker & Invitation to Seguin Families Sociedad Ignacio Zaragoza, Goliad

Responce to Invitation...........Juries Seguin, San Antonio

Benediction......................Emilio Vargas


Welcome to the fourth annual "reflection"on the contributions of Juan N. Seguin and his generation and on the contributions of the Hispanic community to the challenges of yesterday and today. Like always, coordinating the week's events brings its anxious moments and confirming this and that detail can be frustrating. But I'am proud to announce that we had some very good programs in the schools and despite a very cold morning, our annual Burial Site Ceremony was held as planned. There are five developments that I will highlight briefly, but which are covered in more detail elsewhere in this issue. The annual Visiting Scholars and Artist program took a trun away from histroy and art and focused in a new area: science, mathematics and engineering, there is a lot of ferment in Seguin about the public schools training students who can compete in a technological society. with the relatively strong presence of manufacturing in our area and the coming impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement,the challenge is at our doorstep. We also know that too many Hispanics drop out of school and/or are involved in juvenile delinquency; therefore, there is a need for Hispanic role models to come to schools and help Seguin's high Hispanic Student population appreciate the growing multi-cultural community of professionals in the country. with the enthusiastic support of briesemeister Assistance Principle Glenda Moreno, and the science Department Staff, Chairperson Sammie pooley, Vanessa Schwab, Jeff Gushwa, Stacy Robinson,Donna Novak;San Antonio engineers Arturo Gaytan and Jose I. Villarreal, and UTSA engineering students of the society of Hispanic Professional engineers(SHPE) led by Carmen Samaro, we were able to work out a two-day program.The Success of the program is promising for a continued relationship between the Seguin ISD and the UTSA engineering students. To all of the Above ,!muchas gracias! At Navarro High School, Dr. Manuel Berriozabal met with the morning classes and exposed the students to Mathematics as a career and to his famous Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP). The program at navarro was possible with the cooperation of Counselor Benny Coulston, High School Principle Emma Jean Becker, and Elementary Principle Jeff Menking; Librarian AlissaElley allowed us to "take" the library all morning. Dr. Berriozabal agreed to leave behind what must be avery busy schedule to spend time at Navarro. Thanks to Dr. Berriozabal and to the Navarro staff! Thanks are in order to two more groups of people: The Guadalupe County Community Symposium, which makes funds available for the Visiting Artists and Scholars program;and then there is a much bigger group: The 125-150 Navarro students and the several hundred Students at Briesemeister who were very respecful and courteous to the guests, Monday and Tuesday, Wensday, respectively. As I indicated to them as I introduced the guest on Campus,it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate the Juan Seguin events but as long as the students show interest and show respect, neither I, LuLac 682 nor the guest mind making an extra effort to support teachers and the schools. On a sad note, anyone who knows what it takes to be committed to the community, and anyone who has made a special effort to keep the history and memory of Juan Seguin alive, lost a dear friend and colleague when Ramon Gloria of Laredo passed away on September 1, I thought the least we could do to acknowledge Ramon's tremendous spirit and love of history was to dedicate the Fourth annual Juan Seguin Memorial week in his name. We were very gratified to have his wife and family with us for the Burial site Ceremony on Saturday,Oct. 30. The Glorias were joined by a delegation of veterans from the Laredo area who came to witness and support our last respects to Ramon.We extend our thanks to our amigos from Laredo.We wish to thank LULAc 682 and the businesses and Organizations who have supported this Tabloid and Juan Seguin Memorial Week as a whole.

Alphonso Rincon Editor/Publisher

Seguin Memorial Week


Juan Seguin Memorial Week is a Schools and community Celebration founed in 1990 by Lulac Council No.682 to promote an awareness and appreciation for the contributions of the Tejano and Hispanic communities to the development of Texas, the southwest and the Americas through history, arts, Science,education and community involvement.


the special focus of the celebration is the Birthday of Juan Nepomuceno Seguin, October 27,1806, who played a leading role in the Texas Revolution and who served in a variety of committees as a senator of the Republic of Texas.


Juan Seguin Memorial week Consists of a Visiting Scholars and Artists Program which brings artists, scholars,professionals and students with expertise in the contributions of the Tejano and Hispanic community into the public schools to promote intercultural understanding, serve as role models, lead hands-on workshopsand/or to share their knowledge;they also help students gain insight into what it is like to be a scholar, artist or professional and the skills necessary for such careers.In addition,everyyear a ceremony at the Juan Seguin Burial Site, Located at the Guadalupe County Fairgrounds; is celebrated to pay respect to the contributions of Juan N.Seguin and his generation, as well as to inspire the living generation of Tejanos and Texans to meet the challenges of our time with vision and courage.the Ceremony has also served as an annual reunion of the seguin Descendants,many of whom still live in the region especially in Wilson County and Floresville.

Keynote Address

Let us honor them with a living memorial of opportunity, family ties and leadership

By Olga Lara, Comal County

Guadalupe-Blanco river Authority Board of Directors

Juan Seguin is most noteworthy for establishing a political dialogue as a representative in discussions between Mexicanos,Tejanos and Anglo Texans. this is a major political accomplishment given the contentiousness associated with the creation of the Republic of Texas.Here, over 160 years later,we continue to strive to assure that the voices of all our people are represented in the political and economic desision making processes through our presence on boards, council chambers, and courts. I feel very fortunate to have been appointed by Gov.Ann Richards this past year to serve on the Board of Directors of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA), not only because i have the opportunityto represent Comal County, the home of five generations of la familia Lara,but because I am the first Mexican American,Mexicana, Chicana, Tejana,Latina, ever to serve in the history of the River Authority Board.This is a Significant role because, in large part, this Board will help determine the economic future of this region. the GBRA encompasses parts of ten counties. Much of that population are Hispanic,Mexicanos, Mexican Americans, Chicanos and Latino Youth.It is Important to me as a director of GBRA that we conserve, Protect,and develop the waters of the Guadalupe River so that we may reponsibly plan for the economic development of our community,For too long I have seen many of our young people leave our communities for more prosperous lives in larger cities. We must begin to develop an economic base here in our pueblitos and nuestras communidades so that we allow our young people an opportunity to earn a decent living, raise their families, live near their abuelitos, tios, primos, for a part of their lives so that their children will know the joys of extended family and community. And most Importantly, so that these young people can make a vital and significant contribution to the political and economic livelihoods of our communities which produced us. Recently, my husband and I returned to New Braunfels because we wanted to raise our 2 and a half year old son near his abuelitos, his tias and not only that but I felt such a tremendous need to be able to contribute in a very active way to the community that helped produce me and provided the many opportunities I have enjoyed. I Think it is important that we begin to develop those same opportunities for our young people here, so that they continue to want to come back to Seguin after their higher education, to come back and be vital components to our community. It Is Important not only to the continuation of our familiies, but the continuation of our community. and so today, I would like us all to dedicate ourselves, and rededicate ourselves, to a living memorial to Juan Seguin and Ramon Gloria, so that the efforts they have done in order to provide us with our young people. I leave you today with the challenge to continue that opportunity and continue the Legacy of Juan Seguin and Ramon Gloria, so that we can continue to be a major contributor to the development of our family and our communities. I thank you for the oppertunity to be with you today, and I look forward to longer relationships with people of seguin. Thank you very much.

Texan Scholor Inspired Many

The following article was first published in the Texas State Historical Association's Newsletter, "RidingLine," and is Reprinted with Permission; The personal notes on Dr. Benson By Rolando Romo were first published in the November Newsletter of the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation - Lorenzo de Zavala Chapter of Houston. Mr. Romo is president of TAHP and was a Librarian in Austin before moving back to Houston, his hometown. Nettie Lee Benson, an internationally known Scholar and Librarian of Mexican and Latin American history, died June 23,1993 at the age of 88. Dr. Benson will always be best known for the collection that bears her name, the 600,000-plus-volume Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas (UT)at Austin, with which she was associated for almost 70 years. she received three degrees from UT-Austin and was librarian of the collection from 1942 to 1975. She Taught in the History Department.

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