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SDHP Col. Juan N. Seguin Postage Stamp Project 

Have You Signed Online Yet?  

  Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation and the Seguin Family Historical Society now have two online petitions available for our family, friends, and supporters to sign.Remember,you may only sign once to be counted toward the growing numbers needed for Seguin's stamp to be considered.

  We, the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation, would like to commend the Seguin Family Historical Society for joining our effort to seek a postage stamp in honor of our distinguished ancestor, Colonel Juan N. Seguin. By signing either petition, but not both,the count goes forward to gather names and should help double our numbers quickly toward our common goal. That objective from the start is the recognition of a true patriotic hero of the Republic of Texas. Viva Tejas!   Many are working diligently to move this effort forward. We all sincerely look forward to the day when Col. Seguin is commemorated with a United States postage stamp. Viva Seguin!

   This PROJECT Needs YOUR Support !

  Simply contactyour  United States Congressman and Senator. Give your name and address and ask  them  to support  and passHouse Resolution [HR] 12 . You can phone or email this same information. Remember: it is the number of contacts from different people that  counts!  Once you have contactedyour Congressman and US Senator  thenask all your friends to do the same.

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This Letter was sent in 1998 when SDHP started seeking

the Postage Stamp For Col. Juan N. Seguin

Article in the San Antonio Express-News is reproduced for information purposes

Kin seek stamp of hero Seguin
By Roger Croteau
San Antonio Express-News
Web Posted : 03/19/2003 12:00 AM
The descendants of Col. Juan Seguin are pushing to have a U.S. postage stamp issued in honor of the Texas independence hero for whom the city of Seguin is named.Other such heroes, including Sam Houston and William Travis, have had stamps issued in their honor.

But Seguin, whose patriotism was questioned during the turbulent years of the Texas Republic, has been overlooked despite five years of efforts to honor him with a stamp, said Angel Seguin Garcia, founder of the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation Group.

While they've waited, stamps honoring Bugs Bunny and Lucille Ball have been issued, he said.
"Col. Seguin is very seldom mentioned in history books," Garcia said. "The role of people of Hispanic origin in Texas' battle for independence is mostly overlooked.They played a larger role than they are given credit for.

"People usually think of Hispanics as the bad guys in the war, but there were a lot of Tejanos that fought on the Texans side."

Seguin was born in 1806 in what is now San Antonio, and is credited with being the first to organize opposition to the Santa Anna regime, inviting citizens to take part in a Texas Constitutional Convention in 1834.

He led troops at the Battle of Concepción, the Grass Fight south of San Antonio and the Siege of Bejar.

In 1836, as a captain in the Texian Army, he served in the besieged Alamo garrison until ordered by Col. William Travis to break through the Mexican lines and ride to Goliad in search of reinforcements.

He also commanded a company of Tejano cavalry at the battle of San Jacinto, making him the only man to fight there and at the Alamo. After independence he was a mayor of San Antonio, a senator for the Republic of Texas and a Wilson County judge.

Seguin also was part of the ill-fated Santa Fe Expedition, in which hundreds of Texans were taken prisoner while trying to open a trade route to New Mexico. And he evacuated San Antonio when the Mexican army briefly occupied the city in 1842 while he was mayor.

Those events left Seguin's reputation ruined and he was forced to resign as mayor and flee to Mexico with his family, in fear for his life.

He joined the Mexican army as a colonel and was part of the 1842 Mexican force that invaded Texas. After the war, Seguin returned to Texas and became a rancher in what is now Wilson County.

He died in Nuevo Laredo in 1890. In 1974 his remains were reburied in Seguin.

His descendants have gathered more than 800 signatures on a petition to be presented to the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee. U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, is sponsoring House Resolution 12, urging the Postal Service to commission a stamp honoring Seguin.

"Juan Seguin believed in the freedoms that we enjoy today, many of which we take for granted," Green wrote in a letter to congressmen, seeking co-sponsors to the resolution. "He was fair-minded, did not tolerate injustice and fought for basic human rights for all people, despite the constant risk of imprisonment or death."

"Juan N. Seguin was a legendary leader in the Texas Revolution and an unsung hero of Texas," Green wrote. "Though he is seldom given credit for his contributions, he helped establish the Texas that we are so proud of today."

Three schools in Texas, including a high school in Arlington, recently have been named for him and Juan Seguin Boulevard leads to the San Jacinto Monument. The group also contributed to the effort that built a statue in his honor in Seguin's Central Park.

Sam Flores, the former Seguin councilman who served as chairman of the statue committee, said a postage stamp in honor of the city's namesake would be a source of pride in the city.

"A lot of people don't know the history of Juan Seguin," Flores said. "I think his contributions entitle him to the recognition."

Article in

The Dallas Morning News is reproduced for information purposes only

Mr. Garcia Here is the story that ran today (3/24/03) in
the Dallas Morning News.

David McLemore
San Antonio Bureau
Dallas Morning News
Seguin's kin seek stamp of approval

By DAVID McLEMORE / The Dallas Morning News

SAN ANTONIO - Elvis has one. Bugs Bunny has one. Now, the descendants of
Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin say a U.S. postal stamp honoring this hero of
the Texas Republic is long overdue.

For more than five years, Angel Seguin Garcia, founder of the Seguin
Descendants Historical Preservation group, has lobbied for a commemorative
stamp for Col. Seguin. Mr. Garcia notes that Sam Houston and William Barrett
Travis both had stamps issued in their honor. They're not giving up.

"Col. Seguin was the only Tejano to have fought both at the Alamo and at the
Battle of San Jacinto. He was ready to put his life on the line for freedom
and victory over a tyrant," Mr. Garcia said. "He fought for all Texans. Too
often in our Texas history, some names have been remembered while others who
fought as valiantly as those have been ignored or forgotten."

U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, who sponsored a House resolution requesting
that the Postal Service issue a stamp featuring Seguin, has joined the

"Juan N. Seguin was a legendary leader in the Texas Revolution and an unsung
hero of Texas," Mr. Green said in a letter seeking support for his
resolution. "Though he is seldom given credit for his contributions, he
helped establish the Texas that we are so proud of today."

Seguin's descendants have gathered more than 1,057 signatures on a petition to
be presented to the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee.

Seguin was born in 1806 in what is now San Antonio. One of the earliest
opponents to the dictatorial rule of Mexican President Antonio Lopez de
Santa Anna, Seguin urged Texans to participate in the Texas Constitutional
Convention of 1834.

He also fought on the Texian side at the Battle of Concepcion and the siege
of Bejar in 1835. The next year, during the Alamo siege, he was ordered by
Travis to break through the Mexican lines to seek reinforcements fromGoliad. Before he could return, the Alamo fell.

Seguin later commanded a company of Tejano cavalry at the Battle of San
Jacinto, which resulted in Texas independence. He later served as a mayor of
San Antonio and as a senator of the Republic of Texas.

Seguin's reputation later suffered from conflicts with Anglo squatters and
suspicions about his continued political connections with Mexico.

In 1842, incriminated in the Mexican invasion of San Antonio, Seguin and his
family fled to Mexico. After the U.S.-Mexico War, he returned to Texas as a
cattle rancher in Wilson County and served in local government.

He retired in the 1860s to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where he died in 1890. In
1974, his remains were returned to Texas and he was reburied at Seguin, the
town named in his honor, during ceremonies on July 4, 1976.

"Juan Seguin was an important Hispanic leader in the Texas Revolution and
the Republic of Texas," Mr. Garcia said. "Though he is seldom given credit,
his actions stand as an example for all of us to follow with pride."

David McLemore is chief of the San Antonio Bureau of The Dallas Morning

H. RES. 12

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Postal Service should issue a postage stamp commemorating Juan Nepomuceno Seguin

Sponsor: Rep Green, Gene [TX-29] (introduced 1/7/2003)
Latest Major Action: 1/7/2003 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Government Reform.
Title: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Postal Service should issue a postage stamp commemorating Juan Nepomuceno Seguin. STATUS:
(color indicates Senate actions) 1/7/2003:Introductory remarks on measure. (CR
E14) 1/7/2003:Referred to the House Committee on Government Reform.

Please help us with this project. If you know a group that would be interested in Supporting this project send E-mail information to:


Organizations and the general public Supporting the Col. Juan N. Seguin Postage Stamp Project

L'Association des Séguin d'Amérique

San Antonio's Founding Heritage


Rudi R. Rodriguez

From: Chet Brooks

I strongly favor the COL Juan N. Seguin Postage Stamp Project and I appreciate the good work of Congressman Gene Green and the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation. I will be glad to help in every way I can.

With regard to the petition for the U.S. Postal Service.  A commemorative stamp honoring Colonel Juan N. Seguin,  supported by Congressman Ciro D. Rodriguex and  Congressman Gene Green  of Texas has my complete support and endorsement.   Please register my name along with my husbands to the list of those citizens endorsing this proposal.   I am familiar with the many brave actions and accomplishments of Colonel Juan Seguin and heartily endorse the petition. 
Cecile Seguin Tyl, 
Leonard J. Tyl. 

You' ALL I am delighted to join in on this noble effort.  By all means count
me in on the project.  I am a devoted Tejano, who wishes the world would
finally learn and appreciated the contributions of the original early Texas
Los Tejanos.  I have written several articles where I have sighted the work
and struggle of this fore-father of Tejas/Texas JUAN N. SEGUIN.

Yes, you may include me on your list of supports for this over due
recognition of historic Texas figure more American Tejanos and Texans alike
should be familiar with.

Please keep me informed.  I will start letting others know about the project
and how their assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Rudy Tejano Pena, USN, RET.  VIVA TEJAS

Jan Payne Pierce Texian Christian Writers

Congressman  Gene Green of the 29th Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC, has introduced legislation requesting that the United States Postal Service [USPS] recognize Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin with the issuance of a postage stamp in his honor. As requested by Angel and Linda Seguin Garcia in 1998, Col. Juan N. Seguin strongly believed in the freedoms that we enjoy today. He was fair-minded, just, and fought for basic human rights for all people despite risk of imprisonment or death. He was one of the key leaders in the Texas War for Independence.

As territorial governor of Texas from July 1834 to February 1835, he protested the dismantling of the Mexican Republic by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and was the first to sound the alarm in response to these tryrannical actions. He renounced Gen. Santa Anna's overturning of the  Republican Constitution of 1824 which had granted all citizens and subjects of Mexico their basic human rights. In October of 1834, Col. Seguin convened the first revolutionary meeting in protest of Santa Anna's newly-imposed dictatorial hierarchy. Once the revolution was underway, Seguin rallied and organized both Anglo and Hispanic Texans against an oppressive Mexican government.

Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin was an  important Hispanic  leader in the Texas Revolution and in the government of the Republic of Texas.  Although seldom credited, his actions stand as an example for all of us to follow with pride.

The Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation [SDHP] salute their extraordinary ancestor for his early leadership throughout the Texas Revolution and later service to the government of the Republic of Texas. A new awareness of his service to Texas is underway and SDHP is currently collecting signatures for a petition asking the Stamp Advisory Committee to issue an historic postage stamp honoring this Texas Hero.

In the past, this project has been unsuccessfully attempted  by  other groups and organizations . The Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation believes that the time is now for our distinguished ancestor to receive this postage stamp in his honor. Our pledge to you is that we will not stop until this mission has been successfully accomplished. We anxiously anticipate the day when it is issued and unveiled right here in Houston.    

Please contact us by email:  [email protected] 

or mail brief letter adding your name to:


10076 C.R. 311

Plantersville, TX 77363 


P.O. Box 8948 Bacliff TX, 77518

Congressman Gene Green asks that citizens desiring to see Col. Juan N. Seguin honored with an historical stamp to write Rep. Gene Green and  the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee at the addresses below:

Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee

C/O Stamp Development U.S postal service

475 L' Enfant plaza southwest RM. 5670

Washington DC 20260

  U.S. Congressman Gene Green

11811 1-10 East suite 430

Houston TX, 77029

U.S .  Postage Stamp Facts

SDHP has collected about 1,057 signatures for the support of  an historic postage stamp honoring Col. Juan N. Seguin. We hopefully look forward  to its issuance.  Our organization in Houston, TX has been working long and hard for the rightful recognition of our Texas Hero ancestor. Linda Seguin Garcia thus far has :

  • written  former Governor George W. Bush Jr. to ask for his support in the issuance of a postage stamp.

  • requested a greeting in honor of our ancestor Col. Juan N. Seguin at the 1998 Memorial Gathering in Seguin, TX. corresponded with Rep. Green's office in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007,     She learned of House Resolution 186 on May 14, 2001. 

  • We  thank SDHP  member ,  Ms.Vickie Laster of  Weatherford ,  for her efforts  in  collecting  signatures on the  petition in her  North Texas community.

  • Congressman Gene Green  sent a letter asking his colleagues to help support H.R .12.    We were given this letter by  C ongressman Green at the Cesar Chavez Parade on March 8, 2003 

  • Governor George W. Bush Response to Linda Seguin Garcia Request for his help on getting a US Postage Stamp of Juan N. Seguin.

    George W. Bush also Responds on her Request for a Greeting for October 24, 1998 Annual Gathering at the Gravesite. Stating that he was sending the Greeting. Which was Read on October 24, 1998 at the Annual Gathering at Col. Juan N. Seguin Gravesite in Seguin TX. SDHP would like to thank the Community of Seguin TX, for keeping our Ancestors History alive for so many years prior to the family becoming involved with the Annual Gatherings. We as direct descendants of Col. Seguin would like to thank Mr. Alfonso Rincon. He and many others began the Annual Gathering in hopes that one day Col. Seguin’s descendants would come and join this event. And to all the supporters of this event.  Great Job folk for keeping A True Texas Legends History alive.

    Angel & Linda Seguin Garcia

    Our Letter to Congressman Gene Green and the Stamp Advisory committee. Expressing our views on why we feel the need to honor such a great Role model for our Children and future Generations of Americans.

    Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation

    Houston, Galveston

    Col. Juan N. Seguin


    10076 C.R. 311Plantersville, TX77363

    Founders E-mail: [email protected]

                                      March 4, 2003

    Hon, Gene Green

    Re: US Postage Stamp in honor of Col. Juan N. Seguin

    The Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation has been collecting these signatures for the issuance of a postage stamp in honor of Col. Juan N. Seguin. We hope this will help the Stamp Advisory committee to issue a Stamp this year. For the last five years we have tried to ask the committee to issue this honor. They have ignored the important role that Col. Juan N. Seguin played in the fight for independence. Would it not have been for our Ancestor the battle for independence would have been loss. For he sustained the Army with his own Beef and Sheep other wise the Texas army would have perished on the road to San Jacinto which would have been our great states demise before it could be born. We the Descendants of Col. Seguin feel that if the battle had not been won then our great state would not exists. And the Stamp Advisory committee would not exist. I for one feel that for many years our Hispanic and Indigent cultures have suffer Repression and Prejudice far to long. Lets hope that by them Issuing a stamp of Cesar Chavez on April 2003 it will open the Door for many other deserving men who believed in our most cherished freedom and Human rights. We should remember these men for they secured our independence with Blood, Gut’s and patriotism. Their where many heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto that have not enjoyed recognition. Their our many Cultures that have been forgotten for their role in our great states history. This is why it is important to Issue Stamps more inclusive of all our heroes whether he is from our Past or in the present. We should honor our Past so that the men who are serving our country now can see that with Perseverance and dedication our great country is worth preserving for future generations of Americans who will be as proud of them as we are of our forefathers who overcame impossible odds in the past. Also our children will see our Ancestors as a proud people who fought for freedom and dignity for all! This would show the children that all our Cultures are appreciated and admired for their role in our past. “This Great Nation was formed with freedom and equality as its roots”. It would be an injustice to all our forefathers who believed that every man be free and equal. So we ask that our Forefather Col. Juan N. Seguin be Issued a Stamp in honor of all who came before him and the many that will come in the future.  And with the nation facing Terrorism and other threats our nation would feel the pride of recognizing Col. Juan N. Seguin with a Postage Stamp for his Patriotism in the past. He instilled in his family a sense of pride and duty to our country. Even today all the Descendants of the Alamo, Gonzales, Goliad, and San Jacinto Still fight for the little man and freedom. In closing I would like to say that it has been one hundred and ninety years since Col. Juan N. Seguin and others Such as Gen Sam Houston, Col. Travis, Col. Bowie fought at the Alamo to secure this great states future and it is time that all our Heroes whether he be Hispanic American, African-American, French American, Italian American, Anglo-American, Native American be recognized for their Patriotisms as we support our troop now.


    Angel & Linda Seguin Carvajal Garcia

    ( Founders SDHP )

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