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Seguin Family History

These facts submitted by SDHP Member Raymond Seguin

Guillaume (Guillermo) Seguin


Guillaume (Guillermo) Seguin came originally from Gevaudan(Lozere),France. He emigrated to new spain (Mexico) and died in 1714 at Aguascaliente,a city north east of Mexico. Unfortunately the name of his wife is unknown.

Bartolome Seguin ( ? -1791) son of Guillermo Seguin,was born at Aguascaliente, Mexico but towrds the end of the year 1722, he moved to Bexar (now San Antonio,TX). Bartolo, as he was known,was a carpenter and a farmer. He was the main worker in the construction of the Large Veramendi house(which still existed at the beginning of the 20th century). He was also an appraiser.In 1722, he was given a piece of land for the consrtuction of a carpenter shop and in 1776, he recieved a second one north of the city. He was a member of the City Council in 1777,1782,and 1786, he married four times with Luisa Maria Magdelena de Ocon Y Trillo,Manuella Martinez, Jacinto Ramos,and Bernarda Guerrero. He had six sons and two daughters and he died January 11,1791.

Santiago Seguin(1754-_____) Jose Santiago Seguin Son Of Bartolome Seguin and of Luisa Maria Magdelena de Ocon Y Trillo was born in 1754 at bexar.and was baptized on june 8 of the same year at the mission church San Fernando.He was the first Seguin Owner of a Ranch which he Inherited from his Grandfather Ocon Y Trillo.contrary to his father, he launched his career in breeding and trading Cattle. In july 1778,he married Maria guadalupe Y Fernandez;they had five sons and two Daughters.He became a member of the City Council for 1784,1787,and 1795but in this last case,his election was contested by the Governor;disgusted, he moved to saltillo,Mexico,where his brother-in-law,father Pedro Fuentes Y Fernandez,had just been named parish priest.In 1803,we find him back at Bexar

Erasmo Seguin (1782-1857) Juan Jose Maria Erasmo De Jesus Seguin,son of Santiago Seguin and of Maria Guadalupe Fuentes,was born on may 26,1782 at Bexar.Seven days later,he was baptized at the mission church San Fernando. Don Erasmo became the first Mayor of Bexar and the following year, land agent of the farms in Texas.His Ranch the Casa Blanca,was recognized as a meeting place for thousands of Americans who wished to settle in that region. He was married Josefa Augustina Becerra and they had four children and one of whom was Juan Nepomuceno who will later become one of the Heroes of Texas Independence. Erasmo died on November 7, 1857 and he was buried in the family cemetary of the (Casa Blanca).

Juan N. Seguin (1806-1889) Juan Nepomuceno. Seguin,son of Erasmo Seguin and Josefa Becerra,was born on October 27, 1806 and he was baptized at the Mission Church San Fernando at Bexar.Juan walked in his father's footsteps and fulfilled many public tasks in Bexar;Postmaster,Alderman,Mayor, and Judge.On January 18, 1826, he married Maria Gertrudis Eusevia Flores Seguin. And this couple had ten children. Captain Juan N.Seguin and his soldiers were the only Tejanos Mexican Texian to join the Americans to defend Bexar at the battle of alamo.Two of his and himself were the only survivors because they had to cross the Mexican Army Line to try to obtain reinforcements.he would later participate in the victory at San Jacinto with General Sam Houston.Later on he was Elected Senator in the 2nd, 3rd,4th congresses of the Republic of Texas. Which had become Independent but will eventually be unjustly accused by some Americans of Bexar and would have to exile to Mexico.He died at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in 1889. his remains were moved to Texas in 1976 to the Juan N. Seguin Memorial Park near the town of Seguin, TX, named in his Honor.

Today we find many Descendants of this Family In Germany,Canada,Mexico,Texas.Unfortunately, with the Spanish System Of Double names, Many male Descendants of this Family no longer carry the Seguin Name .

After publication of this article in our newsletter «La Séguinière» on December 2000, I have found that there is probably a missing generation between Guillermo Seguin and Bartolome Seguin that could read as follow:
Joseph Antonio Seguin
( - ) Son of Guillermo Seguin, Joseph Antonio Seguin was married at Saltillo, MX on February 2, 1712 with Dona Geronima Flores de Abrego Y Valdes. They had a son named Joseph Bartholome Seguin.

Raymond Seguin #002 Boucherville, Qc

We all should celebrate Oct. 27, as this is the birthday of Col. Juan N. Seguin. Juan Seguin believed that every person should be free and independent. Freedom was Col. Seguin's Legacy. He gave his all to see Texas, or Tejas, free. This honorable citizen showed that with courage, dignity and determination within ourselves we all can make this world a stronger place for future generations.

Seguin Descendants Achievements and Celebration's
Congratulations to Our Family Member's After Spending three weeks in Mexico on School Vacation, Alberto (beto) Duran Upon His returning to School, Alberto Joined The Dunbar Middle School Band. On Dec, 2001 the Band had a practice rehearsal. Where the Families attended and Listen to the Children Play there instruments. Albert (beto) Plays the trombone. Mr. & Mrs. Aldolfo (Jessie) duran , Melissa , Richard where in attendance. The rehearsal was very Good. For these children had such little time to practice we all where very impressed with there performance. Good Luck Alberto we are very proud of you and we hope you will reach your Goal. We all love you. Happy birthday go out to
Richard & Martin Duran of the S.D.H.P had a birthday party together. 02/02 they had the party at his uncles home in San Leon TX

Happy Birthday From S.D.H.P May you achieve great success in Education for your future.

Happy Birthday Brandon Ramirez we hope your party went well and that you got what you wanted. From all Your Family Grandma , your Uncle's And Aunt's and Cousin's, we All Love you. May your Future Be Filled with Joy.

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