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  Tejano Heritage

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We have always been included in the Hispanic culture. Our Tejano Identity has passed us by. Their are no venues which are solely tejano no parades, no type of public events, and yet their is Cinco de Mayo or Hispanic pride day, their is recognition of all sorts of community leaders but none claim to be Tejano only Hispanic. We where born here on this land we so proudly call home. You don't see Tejano's flying Mexican flag for that flag is Mexico's. Not our native land Tejas which we are so proud of. Our Tejas flag is not flown below the American flag it's flown equally with the American flag. We need Tejano Re - enactors to really be able to tell the true story of our Tejano culture. Our culture is not even recognized by our history books that well. We Tejano's need to educate our children and the public at large, about who we truly are. Our ancestor's that where born here believed they needed to make a better life for all our diverse cultures. We Tejano's / Tejana's need to move forward and make their dreams reality. All the diverse Culture's should help us keep their accomplishments and memory alive.

 Our Tejano Heritage & history should be as well known as our American history. Should we Tejano's continue to be left behind other cultures. For our history started way before the Alamo, we have been in Tejas for years and yet we are not recognized as an individual culture. We have been tied to the Mexican American culture for far too long. It is time we Tejano's find ways to create venues for our history & heritage. As we seek the recognition of our ancestor's

such as Col. Juan n. Seguin , Francisco Ruiz, Antonio Navarro, and so many others who have been forgotten in Tejas History. Our own People will need to be free of envy from one another like so many out their are now. We should embrace anyone's effort where our Tejano heritage is being promoted. Not block or bad mouth whoever it may be. So that others can see that we Tejano's & tejana's can work towards a common goal. These efforts should grow our Culture & Heritage and place it where it belongs in Tejas history.  Where one day we will have parks and events. For Tejano's


Through education we all have the power to make a new tomorrow


Angel Seguin Garcia