Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Core System

It is undeniable that WordPress became one of the best-selling programs of all time with all the flexibility and usability offered. Getting started as a blog engine is not a satisfactory achievement for this program so it began to evolve into a Woocommerce focus on online business that is currently growing rapidly. But it can not be denied that a major system of all programs must have many shortcomings so it spurs WordPress to create 40,000 additional plugins that can be used easily. Therefore in this article will be discussed best WordPress plugins to improve the performance of WordPress that you use.

The first plugin you have to use is Hummingbird. This plugin is tasked to speed up the process of opening your website or blog page. Because you definitely do not want if the visitors of your page will leave you because the page is too long to open. Therefore, the hummingbird is responsible for inspecting various issues that appear on your page that you can solve with just double-click. In addition, to finding the source of the problem hummingbird will also compress or minimize the total size of your page. So hummingbird becomes one of the most obligatory plugins for you to use and make it one of the best WordPress Plugins.

The second most essential plugin for protecting your website or blog is Defender. Rapid development in the technology field also raises the impact of the development of hackers or perpetrators of criminality in cyberspace that will destroy or break into the security system of all websites, programs, and data contained on the internet. In this case, the defender is able to detect possible dangers that appear on your page and be able to clean and provide protection against future disruptions. In addition, this plugin will also automatically remove all data that has been infected with the virus on your page. So it can be said that defender is one of the best WordPress plugins that can be your protector.