Want a Stay alike at Home, Try Unique Villa in Bandung

villa in bandung

Visiting Bandung does not need to wait long weekend. Therefore, we can be sure every weekend of Bandung is always crowded tourists. Often tourists who come to this Flower City do not get a place to stay because of running out, especially in the hotel. Well, maybe you can find another solution by choosing a unique villa in Bandung.
Choose a villa inn does not mean you have to occupy one house. There are several places that provide lodging per room. For example, the following 3 villas provide you with your home.

VillaTel Salse. Ease of choosing a villa as an accommodation is the availability of a garden or extensive ban. In VillaTel Salse itself provides 3 types of rooms, namely deluxe, executive, and premium twin. The villas are here in a two-story design with separate rooms. Lodging which is one of the unique villas in Bandung there is an art space contained in the lobby. So, you do not have to be afraid to find the spot to take pictures. To view room availability, visit hotelmurah.com

Kuldesak Villas Bandung. Make a vacation to Bnadung with family, the right choice villa for overnight. Kuldesak Villas Bandung located at Jalan Cipedes Tengah No.138, Sukajadi, Bandung is renting one-bedroom villa with a choice of several rooms. There are 2 rooms, 3 rooms and 4 rooms. However, for the facilities here can be used for all visitors Kuldesak Villas Bandung, such as swimming pool, gym, yoga, and cafe which also provides a place to drink. To view the photo collection of this villa, you can visit the following website https://www.hotelmurah.com/

Villa Damar Bandung. Will spend a lot of time in the Setiabudi area, you can choose accommodation in villa located at Jalan Damar No.7, Setiabudi. Villa with the concept of familiy boutique hotel, restaurant, and spa offers 6 types of rooms, namely deluxe room, corner deluxe room, garden suite room, junior suite room, master suite room, and tower suite room. This unique villa in Bandung is perfect for you who come with your partner, friends, or family. To see the prices and amenities of the villa, you can visit the following link https://www.hotelmurah.com/